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Students can be nominated or apply to receive a minimum scholarship of $1,000.00 to be used for higher education.

Important Dates:

01.01.2024 - Nomination/Applications open

04.30.2024 - Nomination/Applications close

07.31.2024 - Awards distributed (after all requirements are met)

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Accepted or enrolled in an accredited trade school or college

  • Completed nomination/application which includes information below, which MUST be verifiable:

    • Heroic act or attempt, and/or

    • Volunteer information/hours, and/or

    • Community services information/hours, and/or

    • Methods used to be kind and share Christ​®

ALL nomination/application information must be verifiable and validated. Incomplete nominations/applications will not be considered.

Recipients agree to having name, photo and nomination/application information published on The Kenli Foundation website, other Kenli Foundation social media sites and any other Kenli Foundation advertising campaigns.

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