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The Kenli Foundation is rooted in tragedy, yet it is imbued with a spirit of resilience, hope, and a commitment to honor the legacy of our beloved daughter, Kenli Riney.

On July 25, 2021, our lives were forever changed when we lost Kenli, affectionately known as "Doodlebug", in a tragic car accident. However, amidst the darkness of that fateful day, there emerged rays of light in the form of the Argote family. Their selfless and heroic actions not only saved Kenli from further harm but also embodied the very essence of kindness and compassion that Kenli lived by.

Mike, Shannon, and their daughter Ema exemplified what it means to be true heroes. Their brave efforts to rescue Kenli from the burning car, their attempts to revive her, and their heartfelt prayers are etched in our hearts forever. In that moment of despair, they extended a lifeline of hope and humanity, embodying Kenli's own motto: "Be kind; share Christ®".

It is this spirit of kindness, courage, and selflessness that drives The Kenli Foundation. Our mission, inspired by Kenli's legacy and the actions of the Argote family, is to recognize and reward individuals who exhibit heroic acts or make a positive impact on their communities. Through scholarships, we aim to support these heroes as they pursue their dreams and continue to spread kindness and compassion in the world.

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