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The inspiration for The Kenli Foundation is directly related to heroes in action during Kenli’s tragic death.


On July 25, 2021, Kenli Riney (“Doodlebug”, our only child), 18, was driving home from her first college weekend experience. She’d attended Duck Camp at Tarleton State University, where she was enrolled and excited to begin in August. On her way home, she fell asleep driving and veered into another car, killing her instantly. Her car become engulfed in flames and the heroic measures of the Argote family, kept our Doodlebug from burning. Mike, his wife Shannon, and their 14 year-old daughter, Ema, all played a part in pulling Kenli from the burning car, attempting to revive her and ultimately, praying over her.​ Kenli’s motto was “Be kind; share Christ®” (which is also our Mission) and the Argote family’s actions during that tragedy were the epitome of being kind and sharing Christ.


The Kenli Foundation strives to recognize and reward young people entering trade school or college who have performed heroic acts or have had a positive impact on an entire community, with scholarships.

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